Sunday, February 17, 2013

Some things I love

I love glassware. The whole damn menagerie. Whether it's a champagne flute, an elegant cake stand or a gaudy paperweight, I love it. LACMA's permanent collection has some fine pieces. Gemstones also please me, and the words "Swarovski crystal" are fun to say. If it's shiny and a little bit practical or at least not the cause of violent conflict and an iffy Leo DiCaprio movie, I'm on board. But some truly fine glassware, to me, is my nirvana. It makes me feel like if I had it, my life would be all garden parties and pinkies out and perfection. I have yet to use my elegant cake stand. I might be quite a superficial person.

So it should come as no surprise that I love Crate & Barrel, the ultimate in if-you-had-it-you'd-be-graceful items. And it should come as even less than no surprise (ennui?) that I love THIS.

Cheers, humanity. Oh, and way to crush it with one of the original uses of Helvetica Bold, C&B.

My bestie Julia with her handcrafted drinking chalice. Ok, so this is better than Crate & Barrel.

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