Saturday, April 20, 2013

Wtf is...


Sometimes white wine that isn't sparkling has little bubbles in it. This is called petillance. Like most of us raised to be effervescent, is usually not an error. Bubbles occur naturally in a wine when fermentation happens in a closed container. That's how classic champagne is made. But a little spritz can be added to white wines so that their aromatics will carry up to your nose rather than sitting in the glass. Call it pseudo-sparkling if you like. You will be wrong to call it that, but you will make sense. If you want to be right and pretentious and often misunderstood, say the wine has petillance. I feel like I've given you a fair breakdown of acceptable options here. Petillance lifts light aromatics in whites so you can enjoy them more lazily.

Spritz and shout

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