Monday, April 22, 2013

Wine + expectations

Gewurztraminer is a very aromatic grape which, in I believe one of my best posts to date, I recently came to terms with loving. So I picked up this 2010 Columbia Valley Columbia Winery Gewurztraminer at the 5 cent wine sale.

As far as this flavorful grape goes, this wine is pretty mild. Thank goodness it has a fair amount of petillance. I had to stick my nose all up into that glass to get aromas, even with those baby bubbles to help me out. But there they were, spice (candied ginger comes to mind) and rose (but oh-so-little and it was gone in a day) and tinned lychee or maybe dried persimmon--some dense, sweet fruit going on. Sweet on the palate with enough acidity to keep it from being flabby, this has everything a Gewurztraminer should have, just a little less. It's a little more restrained. A little duller.

It's the Lady Edith of wines.

That doesn't mean it sucks. I mean, ok, if you were expecting Ladies Sybil, Mary or Dowager Countess Violet, you will be bored by this wine. But it's a Gewurztraminer you can actually pair with savory food without having to worry it will wear pants or fuck a Turk or be so deliciously and eloquently catty you just... can't even! It will go great with plenty of foods without monopolizing the conversation. Chicken, turkey, or savory foods with a good amount of sugar like Thai food or tagine will all taste A+ with this. It's also sweet enough to enjoy with a light dessert like pear sorbet or an elegant fruit tart. Lady Edith has all the basics in place but none of that irritating "personality" to get in the way.

The only problem is, Lady Edith also fancies herself interesting and modern. But really she's just pair-able. That's her best quality. If this weren't labeled a Gewurztraminer, I wouldn't be disappointed. But when you expect something vibrant and fragrant, cause it was all, "I am vibrant and fragrant by name and occupation," YOU DON'T WANT LADY FUCKING EDITH.

Peace out, lame wine. I'm bringing my second, 5 cent bottle to a party. A PARTY.

Lady Edith at dinner

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