Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sorry if you can't handle my realness


Hey, people in relationships. I win.

I also got this sexy little thing at Trader Joe's tonight:

Lest you think I'm antisocial, I had a good 45 minute conversation with the wine expert on duty. We talked so long, I might be able to claim her as a black friend. If I needed to do that. If I didn't already have like, a million black friends. I have black friends. It's just none of my friends of any race wanted to come over for steak. But they're real friends, guys. They exist for sure.

Anyway, I asked my new close friend what would go with steak for "a dinner party I'm having this week." She didn't have to know all the details. She suggested the 2011 Darkhorse Cabernet Sauvignon. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. Bursting with mocha flavor but less rich than the lovely Cocobon, this fruit-forward, black cherry and smoke-laden vixen had the tannins and the attitude to stand up to my peppery pan-fried steak. Juicy is a great word for this wine, because it's got those ripe berry flavors, but it's also juicy like a beautiful ass. Sweet and graceful and thick with good things to hold onto, this is a wine to make mistakes with. Like eating a 1-lb steak alone on a Saturday night. Or, like, sex stuff. Or like, other youthful type escapades that don't involve wearing sweatpants because I'm not wearing sweatpants at all.

Yes I had a date tonight.

The date just ended early:

PS that absolutely is an MNDR bumper sticker on my wine glass. I met her once and she is as awesome as her music. Check her out:

Cheers, youth!

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