Thursday, March 14, 2013

Make it a treat

In her book "The Bedwetter," Sarah Silverman reveals her wonderful mantra: "make it a treat." What Sarah means is not to eat and drink and smoke every time it's available, but to make it something special. While my habits might not seem to follow this philosophy, I always make an effort to enjoy my treats to the fullest, however often I indulge. I inhale the scent of my wine and peanut butter cups alike, and try not to focus on the aroma when I'm in my favorite hardcore workout class. If you're going to treat yourself, treat yourself right.

No wine is a better make-it-a-treat than Cocobon. Another Trader Joe's recommendation that did not disappoint, Cocobon is as rich as the name suggests. With chocolate and cherries on the nose and a crazy fantastic mocha flavor on the palate, this wine puts the lush in luscious because I cannot stop sipping it!

Pair this with dessert. It'll pop with potato chips or peanut butter pretzels. Let it linger on the palate as you have more brie than you should. This is wine to drink with Godiva from your sweetheart, a hot, silky bath or an old episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker. Guess which one I went for?

In conclusion, nobody knows how to make it a treat like Tom and Donna.

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