Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Blood mimosas

My wonderful friend Alexis hosted an amazing brunch this weekend. She provided a ridiculous spread and asked each guest to bring champagne or juice. She encouraged us to get creative, which I found threatening, because I don't like when other people try to be creative. Trying to be creative is all I have. Luckily, her encouragement was directed toward juice. That allowed for two wonderful things to happen: 1. Someone brought black cherry juice which was fucking FANTASTIC with champagne and 2. I got to be the only one to bring this bad boy:

Reggiano Lambrusco Le Grotte. Red sparkling wine? With only 8% alcohol? From Trader Joe's?! "What a unique and special breakfast treat, Ali, I will def invite you back," said everyone. But seriously, this stuff is mega delicious. It's meant to be served just a little bit cold (about 10 minutes in the fridge) and is sweet and fruity without being even close to cloying. This isn't sparkling rose. This is something else entirely. The label calls it "soft red wine." I think it would taste good from a straw.

I didn't want my experimental mimosa ingredient to be alone in the world, so I peer pressured my bestie Julia into bringing some kind of red juice. She brought cranberry, but by then we were all enamored with black cherry juice. Julia handled the situation gracefully because "trying to be creative" isn't "all she has in life." I would have cried if no one drank my stuff. And not in the bedroom, either, on top of people's coats and away from conversation. I would have cried right in the middle of the party. But did you click the link on Julia's name? She's got her shit together. She's so special to my heart.

Anyway, Bloody Marys can pretty much blow me, so I was psyched when I discovered this business actually tastes amazing:

Start with black cherry juice, then add an equal amount of this red Reggiano Lambrusco Le Grotte. Top with a splash of dry sparkling white wine and plop in a couple strawberry slices for bonus fizz. You'll have a surprisingly light, wickedly red and totally appropriate breakfast cocktail sure to get you plenty of likes on Instagram. Or whatever you get on Instagram. I'm not very good at Instagram. Please follow me on Instagram (@schoutout).

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