Wednesday, August 13, 2014

What I did on my six month vacation

Here are some things I did while you all waited patiently for my blog to return:

-Turned 28. I got 17 bottles of wine. These are now gone.
-Fulfilled my dream of writing for television, and my body's dream of eating the diet of a television writer (one million bags of popcorn per day).
-Took some of the popcorn with me. A lot. Like a bag a day. To have after the show ended. These are now gone.
-Got a Fitbit to combat fatness and/or body shame. Got too into the Fitbit. Have Fitbit addiction shame.
-Just checked my Fitbit.
-I took this picture:

-I took this picture:

-I took this picture no jk that's me I'm right there:

-I danced like nobody was watching because nobody was watching, I was just in my room by myself.
-I feel like my hair looked really good at the fair. Like better than that goat's hair or whatever that is. Not sure what I'm doing with my mouth but it seems pretty clear what I'm doing with my hair: killin it.
-I got like four new bras. My bra game has changed completely. I'm so, so, so, so different.
-I stopped liking the library. NOPE LOL GOT YOU I LOVE IT.
-I went to my brother's wedding and it was so great and so beautiful and I am so happy for him.
-I got into the Bachelor franchise. Pretty much have the same feelings about that as I did about my brother's wedding. 
-Just got in a few steps on the Fitbit walking to the kitchen to see if I have any more popcorn. I didn't. :(

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